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 2001 Missouri Press Association Awards: 1st Place - Informational Graphic - "Blood on the Border"

The Joplin Globe • Joplin, Missouri

Responsible for layout designs, ads, illustrations, maps, brochures, flyers, tabloids, photography, special
project research. Web design which included original creation, maintenance, photography, graphics and
any promotional material. I recruited artists for the Globe’s “Ozark Artists Colony” photographed their artwork
and maintained the relationships with them.  I also created “Arts of the Four States” which included a “Historical Guide”
for Joplin and created a “Newspaper In Education” website. Community Involvement through the Globe included participation with an organization called “Beautify Joplin where I was the team captain
.  I was also involved with “Rejuvenate Joplin," a special project for the city of Joplin.

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